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A Renewstable® project supplies electricity to the grid with competitive, clean, resilient and stable electricity.


Cyprus, albeit beingt he 3rd largest island in the Mediterranean, has no interconnection with the main (European) grid. The grid stability is heavily relying on traditional thermal power plants, consuming fuel or diesel to generate electricity.

A 100% renewable energy vision materialise only with the development of clean hybrid power plants delivering reliable and stable power to the grid. This kind of power plants will progressively replace the existing baseload fossil fuel power plants.


As HDF, our primary goals are:

● The reduction of carbon footprint of electricity generation.

● The reduction of the cost of the production of energy.

● The increase of energy security and resilience.

HDF Energy,
Introducing Ourselves to Cyprus

HDF Energy, the French major independent power producer specialising in mass storage of electricity and non-intermittent renewable energy generation is pleased to announce its launchin the Cyprus market.


Being the pioneer in the development of large scale, innovative hydrogen-based solutions, HDF Energy is an active member of the French Hydrogen Union (AFHYPAC).


With full commitment in continuous technological innovation for the protection of the environment and the support of the community, HDF Energy is dedicated to contribute to the global effort for sustainability and advancement. Working closely with the communities in the countries where it operates, HDF Energy is committed to the development of state of the art renewable energy parks and electricity storage facilities, while adhering to a strict code of practices:


No compromise on safety; full compliance with National and EU legislative requirements and

directives; avoidance of environmental, health and safety hazards and risks; and commitment to high safety and health standards for all its employees, contractors and the wider community, is the backbone of HDF Energy’ s philosophy.


Its million euro projects in South America, Australia, French Guiana, Martinique and other

places are considered by the local communities and the wider civic societies of the countries of establishment as contributors to the regional and national economies. HDF Energy is a producer of electricity through the utilisation of their sophisticated state of the art technology, as well as a provider of employment, synergies and opportunities for growth to the neighbouring municipalities and the countries as a whole.


HDF Energy is fully committed in extending its operations to the Cyprus market. In full belief

that, through its advanced technology and international experience can positively contribute to the energy sector of the island and the national efforts to reach a 23% share of energy from renewable sources in the gross consumption by 2030, HDF Energy will dedicate its attention and resources to to the support of the national efforts for radical transformation of Cyprus’s energy system over the next decade and the focus on the increase of energy efficiency in the power generation.

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